Mark Twain

Portrayed by Living Historian

Eric Rotsinger

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Photo Gallery

Mark Twain and his family have been busy traveling to many festivals, events and reenactments, speaking with people, and making new friends.

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Eric Rotsinger as Mark Twain

Mark Twain at the Mark Twain Study, Elmira, NY

Mark Twain inside his study, Elmira, NY

Mark Twain at Elmira College, Elmira, NY

Mark Twain speaks for the Center for Mark Twain Studies at Elmira College

Mark Twain with the Tom Sawyer at Cincinnati, Ohio

Mark Twain and Livy in Hillsborough, New Hampshire

Mark Twain and Livy, Hillsborough, NH

A young man at Mark Twain's tent, Coldwater, Michigan

Mark Twain and some school children, Coldwater, MI

Mark Twain and Foghorn Leghorn at Tiffin, Ohio

Mark Twain entertaining some young people ain Tiffin, Ohio

These young people came away saying that history is exciting!

Mark Twain giving his young admirers one of his calling cards, a Twain Dollar Bill

Making Ice Cream at Tiffin, Ohio

Mark Twain with two young admirers at Hartford City, IN

Mark Twain with Frederick Douglass at Angola, Indiana 2010

Twain with "Chief" at Lyme Village, Bellevue, Ohio

Twain speaks to a crowd at the Grand Rapids Apple Butter Festival 2010

Mark Twain at the Coldwater, MI Train Station before going on a train ride. Memorial Day Weekend 2010.

The Clemens Family at Coldwater, MI.

Mark Twain, with the conductor, enjoys a train ride from Coldwater to Quincy on the Little River Railroad.

Mark Twain and his baseball team, The Walker Wheels, at Coldwater.

Mark Twain gives encouragement to the Walker Wheels at Coldwater, MI.

Mark Twain relaxes at the vintage baseball game.

Abe Lincoln and Mark Twain enjoy a baseball game at Coldwater, MI

Clemens Family, Lincoln Family, and General Custer at Coldwater, MI

Mark Twain with his Marion Rangers from his Civil War Days and "The Campaign that Failed"

Mark Twain with the Marion Rangers

Twain talking to school children at the Tiffin Seneca Heritage Festival 2009

Twain at the Seneca Heritage Festival 2009 with his conscience

Twain and his conscience

Mark Twain and family at the Tiffin Seneca Heritage Festival 2009

Mark Twain and daughter with the Mayor of Heritage Village at Tiffin 2009

The Twain family at Tiffin, Ohio

Autumn fun at Pemberville

Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain speak at the Tiffin-Seneca Heritage Festival

Mark Twain and Abe Lincoln at Tiffin

Twain family at Tiffin

Mark Twain family at Oregon Fest

Clara Clemens (Twain's daughter) visits Abe Lincoln at Weston, Ohio

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